Location of Conference Rooms

All conference rooms are located in the main building of the ETH at the main campus (ETH Zentrum). The main building (HG) can be seen on this plan, the overall positioning of the campus in Zurich here.

The best way to get to the ETH HG is by tram (e.g. 3 stops with nr. 6 from the Hauptbahnhof - the Railway Station) or (from your hotel) walking. Please, do not use your car if you can avoid it. You might have a real problem trying to park it.

You can find more information at the ETH orientation page.

The main reference point for the conference participants is the room HG E33.2, where the registration and the conference secretariat is located during the conference. This room as well as the lecture rooms and other points of interest in the HG Building can be seen on this plan.

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