Papers Submission

We invite participants with experiences in high performance computing and/or storage on HP systems to submit papers for HiPer'98.

One page paper abstracts (in the HiPer'98 format, in PostScript or US-ASCII 80 columns / 66 lines) should be sent via e-mail before June 30, 1998 to

Papers will be reviewed on the basis of the abstracts, taking into account: relevance for HiPer'98, significance of results, originality, technical accuracy and language of the paper. The authors will be notified of their acceptance by July 13, 1998 (or if they submitted their papers before June 13, by June 30, 1998). Accepted papers will be included in the Conference program as oral or poster presentations, and will be printed in a Proceedings volume that will be distributed to participants at the beginning of the Conference.

Full papers, in their final form 6-15 pages, in the Conference format, should be sent via e-mail before September 5, 1998 (only PostScript will be accepted).

All participants intending to present virtual posters are requested to prepare posters at their own WWW sites and email http address, author(s) name and title of a poster to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible but not later than September 5, 1998. Then, links will be done from the Conference WWW page to virtual posters. A virtual poster may accompany an invited lecture, a contributed oral presentation and a "classical" poster.


How to submit a paper

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