Invited lectures

Frank Baetke, HP/Convex, Richardson, USA
Hewlett-Packard's High-End Computing Strategy and the Transition to IA-64 (MERCED)
Georg Bolz, Lufthansa
High Performance Computing for Decision Support in the Airline Industry: Application Domains, Business Benefits, Technology Trends
Stuart McKaig, Tom Watson, Kirby Collins, HP/Convex, Richardson, USA
Adapting HP-UX to CC-NUMA Architectures
Isom Crawford, HP/Convex, Richardson, USA
Optimizing Application Performance on HP Technical Servers
Gary M. Gutt, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, USA
The 256-Processor X-Class Exemplar: A First Year's Experience
Sassan Hazeghi, HP/Convex, Richardson, USA
Compilers and Tools - Status and Future Developments
Djordje Maric, Centro Svizzero di Calcolo Scientifico, Manno, Switzerland
Highest sustained performance for user applications at CSCS-ETHZ
Prof. B. Monien, Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing, Paderborn, Germany
Load Balancing with Applications in Operations Research and Scientific Computing
Juergen Schlanke, Hewlett-Packard Europe, Böblingen, Germany
File Server Strategy and Solutions
Top Ten Criteria for Chosing Technical Servers in Technical Mission Critical Environments
Bruce Toal, worldwide marketing manager for HP's scientific/technical servers, HP/Convex, Richardson, USA
Keynote Address: HP's High-Performance Server Business: A Management Update
Jeff Venters, HP/Convex, Richardson, USA
High Performance Networking for the HP-UX systems - Status and Futures
Prof. Hans-Joachim Werner, Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
Parallel implementation of electron correlation methods
Prof. Marianne Winslett, Dpt. of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana, USA
High-performance parallel I/O on clusters

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