Contributed papers

The following papers have been accepted for presentation at the HiPer'98 conference. Here only the abstracts are presented, the full versions will be available in the form of proceedings.

The papers are sorted in the order of arrival. The ordering implies no other criteria.

The texts, as presented here, were translated automatically into ASCII from Postscript versions of the abstracts and therefore their graphic quality is lower than that of the original. I feel that low bandwidth and guaranteed readability outweigh the loss of esthetic quality.

p-SETHEO: Strategy Parallel Automated Theorem Proving

Top 500 Supercomputers - an Analysis and Worldwide Comparison with specific view on HP's high-end systems

Molecular Dynamics and Finite Element Algorithms on Exemplar Computers

PARMON: A Comprehensive Cluster Monitoring System

CSCS production metacomputing environment

Liquid Crystals as Supramolecular Ligands

Lattice-Boltzmann simulations for industrial flow problems

Automatic Evaluation of the Efficiency of Usage of Instruction-level

On Experience of SPP-2000 Usage for Solving of Minimization Tasks in Data Processing for CMS Muon Detector Prototypes

Off-line and on-line performance monitoring tools

The use of HP V-Class systems in a production technical environment

Interfacing a commercial Finite Element Code to HP's MLIB running on a V-Class System

Calculation of rotor defects of induction motor using FEM

Status and Perspectives of JINR Computing Centre

Workloadmanagement in CAE/CAD departments

Parallel Weather Prediction Models

Comparing Parallel Programming Paradigms and Their Applicability

Parallelization of Cloud Microphysical Code: Numerical Simulations Using a Two Component Distribution Function

Influence of Threshold Fluctuations on Population Evolution in Penna Bit-String Model

Implementation of Parallel Genetic Algorithms on HP Computers

Bulk Synchronous Parallel Cost of the Preconditioned IQMR Method

An Efficient and Portable ATPG tool for Parallel Systems

Performance analysis of some application codes on different parallel computers

Practical knowledge in using the high performance computer system HP-CONVEX SPP-1000/SPP-1600 in connection with the database system ORACLE

Shared Memory Parallelization of Dynamic Structural Mechanics Codes

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